Dead and dying retail

Virginia Beach had 2 Super Kmart Centers? I know only one is still a Super K and thriving according to Kmart World's blog post. I am almost positive those were the last two ground-up locations built. The later Super Kmarts were converted from Big Kmart stores. Those two stores were smaller than typical Super Kmart stores, but they were very modern and were the nicest supercenters I have been in to date. I know the Elyria store opened in Late or Early It is a shame they are both closed.

Those were the best Super Kmart stores I have been to and they had a very good setup inside with produce in front, dairy in the back, The best kmart garden centers I have ever saw, automatic doors, flat-screen Tvs, The nicest Employees, and the overall design beat Walmart.

It seems when Kmart went Bankrupt they closed their nicer stores and left older stores in more undesirable locations open. The setup but not the look is similar to Virginia Beach store that was featured on Kmart World. I forgot to mention that I am going to take pictures of the Elyria store soon! I had a feeling there was another unfinished Super Kmart shell in Hampton Roads!

I thought I saw something online a while ago about an unfinished Super Kmart shell being torn down for a BJ's in the area, but when I tried to find it again, I was only able to find info the Portsmouth Super Kmart shell, which is a Farm Fresh now, not BJ's. I thought I was remembering things wrong. I never would have thought they halted construction on two new stores in the same area. Thanks for confirming this Dead and Dying Retail! I found this store site by reading comments below a picture of a Super Kmart in Tabb being "unsuperized".

The comment said that the store in Hampton was near completion when construction was halted and that a BJ's is now at the site. I search for BJ's in the area and found where this store was.

There is some amazing historical imagery on this site on Google Earth. In the imagery it shows the Super Kmart being constructed, then after the structure is complete, then the BJ's is on the site; clearly not in the same building though.

For some reason I have not been able to add Google Earth imagery to this blog.

dead and dying retail

Kroger Marketplace is basically a Super Kroger store that also sells furniture, jewelry, toys, housewares, etc. This will be Kroger's first new store in the Hampton Roads region in 12 years, when they originally entered the area. From the article, I can't tell if the former Super Kmart building is going to be reused or torn down, but either way, this different kind of "Super K" is expected to open in the summer of Mike plans to cover stores in that area soon, so we should have photos before the store is demolished or heavily modified.It's long been conventional wisdom that the retail industry is dying.

It seems that in a digital world, physical stores have become a thing of the past. Yet if that were true, why are Apple, Amazon and now even the Coca-Cola Company investing heavily in retail locations? For every announcement of closures and divestments, there seems to be a similar announcement of investment and rebirth. Some firms, it seems, are learning to love the retail apocalypse.

Retail in Peace: A Look at 39 Dead (or Dying) Malls

The truth is that the retail industry isn't dying, but is going through some major shifts and needs to adapt to a world where the primary function of a physical store is not to drive transactions, but to service and support customers. To compete in this new marketplace, what's needed is not so much to embrace new technology, but to reimagine the retail businesses.

Borders filed for bankruptcy in and was liquidated later that same year. Small independent bookstores, however, are thriving. Even a successful book may only sell one or two copies per location per month. That makes it difficult for algorithms to predict demand effectively.

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The Harvard study found that independent bookstores thrive through a formula of community, curation and convening. Because independent bookstores are embedded in their community's fabric, they are well placed to curate titles that will appeal to their customers and convene events that strengthen those bonds, drive sales and increase their ability to curate.

While the retail apocalypse is real, there is a silver lining -- falling rents. When the retail industry was booming, landlords could not only charge top dollar, they were able to add strict conditions to leases, such as long lease terms. That made it hard for retailers to experiment with new locations and concepts. For example, LEGO has been operating LEGOLand amusement parks for years, which serve the dual purpose of connecting with customers and leveraging its brand to earn incremental revenues.

The shifting economics of commercial real estate have opened up possibilities for them to be more innovative and better hone their business models. Many will take short-term leases, give better terms, invest in architecture to facilitate pop-up opportunities and even, in some cases, forego up-front rent for a brand that they think can add luster to the space.

Another salient aspect of the retail environment today is that traditionally digital retailers have begun to invest in physical locations. That growth has meant that digitally native firms need to cater to more demanding mainstream customers.

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods has gotten the most fanfare and sent shock waves through the retail industry. One aspect that is often overlooked, however, is the advantage that a large network of physical stores gives Amazon online.More than 5, store closures have been announced so far inas Victoria's SecretJCPenneyand Gap shutter dozens of locations. Ten retailers have filed for bankruptcy or liquidation so far this year. The closures and bankruptcies are leaving their mark on malls and shopping centers around the country.

Here's photographic evidence that a retail apocalypse is hitting the US hard:. Source : Chicago Tribune. Read more: Inside the infamous dead mall that Amazon is reportedly redeveloping. Read more: We went to JCPenney to see why sales are sinking — and it revealed why giant mall-based department stores are dying. Read more: We went shopping at Payless 3 days after it filed for bankruptcy for the second time in 2 years — and it's clear why the store is dying.

Read more: We went shopping at a Charlotte Russe store the day before it closed forever, and it was a depressing bargain bonanza. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

It often indicates a user profile. Login Subscribe. My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Kate Taylor. Perhaps most emblematic of the retail apocalypse are photos of dead malls. As customers increasingly shop online, malls are suffering the consequences. Chicago's Lincoln Mall transformed from a vibrant shopping center into an eerie, deserted wasteland after it closed in Rolling Acres Mall in Akron, Ohio, which became famous for its decline after it closed inis reportedly going to be redeveloped by Amazon.

Even malls that are still technically open are seeing the impact of the retail apocalypse. Regency Square Mall in Richmond, Virginia, attempted to cover up store closings by installing vending machines in boarded-up walls in Walking into some struggling brands' stores instantly highlights problems.So if that JCPenney entrance in the mall is for emergencies only, why do they even bother keeping the mall corridor open?

I am shocked any of the mall interior is still open.

Retail's not dead, and physical stores still matter, Goldman says

When somebody else went to the mall a year or two ago the JCPenney entrance was sealed but it is open again with the emergencies only signs on either side. I looked at all the stores and not a single one was being used. The whole time I was in the mall there were only two other people sitting around talking.

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The mall was supposed to be shut down completely inyes ! Movie producers and directors should use this space for some scary zombie movies! Belden Village had to be a major contributor to Mellett Mall's demise, along with poor management. If you visit Alliance or New Philadelphia, you can find malls very similar to Mellett that are still thriving. Alliance and New Philly Malls are both hanging on by a thread Are they open?

Yes-but with a ton of vacancies. Belden Village Mall is the only one in the area worth a damn.


I was just at New Towne Mall this week. Only one store was closed. Perhaps not thriving but certainly surviving! I sure would not say that Alliance's Carnation Mall is or was thriving at all. As mentioned in the earlier reply, surviving is a much better word. I was in there during mid afternoon and there was only two other people were in the center corridor, carrying a Bath and Body Works purchase. Dunhams and Sears were only occupied with employees.

Since Bath and Body Works does not have an outside access or entry, this is what puts a few customers inside the mall. The movie theater is just a place for some parents to drop off their children in place of hiring a baby sitter. As far as Belden Village Mall goes, go by there after schools let out. You might think this location is an afternoon daycare as well, noisy with young kids running everywhere. Belden Village has no variety of differing stores like it used to have.

Mostly clothing stores. My wife and I went to my former hometown of Massillon recently and I had not seen this site yet. The last time I had been in it was when my friends and I saw Terminator II there right before I moved off to college. So imagine having memories of a thriving mall the last time I saw it to what it looks like now. Your pics are spot on. My wife took some pics as well and the only difference now is that the plants in the fountain are completely dead and the trees are not looking too happy now either.

The public restrooms were still open but otherwise there is nothing other than JC Penney to visit. I have to say it was pretty tough emotionally to see the mall like this but I suppose it comes as no surprise.

Thanks for all of the info! I've been in there a few times on visits back home as my mom still shops at JC Penny's. It feels very weird because that ace was thriving when I was a kid.Brick-and-mortar retail-store closures are hardly news these days. As older merchants try to fend off the endless assault of e-commerce, the hit list of dead and dying retailers only seems to grow longer. Together, the pair will close sporting-goods stores across the nation as more people shop for cleats and field-hockey sticks online.

dead and dying retail

Hancock Fabrics, a crafty retailer founded inrecently announced it would be closing all of its stores as it files for bankruptcy this year. There are many who blame Amazon. And they are partly correct. According to the report, Sears Holdings US:SHLD would have to close almost half of its stores to reach the same level of sales per square foot it had in Sears seems to be well on its way, too, with the company recently detailing 78 Sears and Kmart locations that will liquidate their inventories over the next few months.

Sears also said in February that it will speed up its future store-closure plans after another round of ugly sales numbers. E-commerce is surely to blame for some of those lost revenues. Furthermore, an analysis of 15 years of retail data shows that merchants that close stores in response to sluggish sales may momentarily stop the bleeding, but also fail to ever return to growth in the future.

In short, losing out to e-commerce creates immediate pain but also a death spiral of store closures and brand tarnish as retailers give up on growth and rely on cuts to stay alive.

Retail in Peace: A Look at 39 Dead (or Dying) Malls

Then, like Sports Authority or Hancock Fabrics, they simply call it quits altogether. Many may point out that some of these troubled retailers are not just a victim of e-commerce competition, but also poor management. But the retailer also suffered from changing consumer tastes, and the value added by a brand.

Sears used to have flagship in-house brands that included Kenmore appliances and Craftsman tools, but the brands have failed to retain relevancy over time. The reasons why this home-improvement retailer has succeeded are quite interesting. That helps offset any e-commerce drain elsewhere and actually adds to growth. For investors, there are no easy ways to identify who will succeed and who will fail in retail.

Yes, Home Depot sales are still down from where they were 10 years ago. But its profits are up materially, and so is its share price. The challenge, of course, is putting theory into practice in a way that actually results in sales.

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That means maintaining a quality in-store experience, investing in technology and keeping its brand relevant will all have to happen with fewer resources and more Wall Street pressure. And maybe others will, too.

Canton Centre Mall (special coverage)

But the death spiral of e-commerce pressures and cost-cutting that alienates consumers seems to be way too much for many retailers right now. Other retailers will surely exist in the age of Amazon. But for legacy merchants that are behind the times and suffering slumping sales, they already may be beyond saving.

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These offers do not represent all deposit accounts available. In America, retail stores have been on the decline for some time, with many of the old standbys getting squeezed out by online retailers. Once the hub of most suburban communities, today, many once-thriving shopping malls have since gone belly up, turning from a bustling social meeting place to eerie reminders of the decline of brick-and-mortar retail.

Take a look at what some of the dead and abandoned malls of America look like now that the economy has passed them by. Rolling Acres, originally opened inonce boasted a three-screen movie theater, full-service food court, total stores and four major department stores, but things have been on the decline financially and otherwise for some time.

The mall has changed ownership several times, had the lights shut off for nonpayment of its electricity bill insaw a man electrocuted while trying to steal copper wire in and, finally, the city of Akron started demolition of the space in October Amazon purchased the site of the mall and started construction on a fulfillment center there in Decemberthe Akron Beacon Journal reported.

The nearly 2.

Retail in Peace: A Look at 20 Dead (or Dying) Malls

The first phase of the Cloverleaf Mall had its grand opening in with 42 stores anchored by mega-retailers JCPenney and Sears, and a second phase opening a year later with what was, at the time, the largest JCPenney store in the state.

However, the business began to erode in the s when two clerks were murdered during an apparent robbery of an All for One store and the nearby Chesterfield Towne Center was renovated. Cloverleaf Mall closed its doors for good in There is also a apartment complex on-site, as well as a recreation center. Opened by James Hinton, Sr.

It had four anchor stores, a screen movie theater, a food court and 40 other retail locations at its peak. However, its lack of proximity to the highway has proven to be a problem over the years. After the opening of the Buckland Hills Mall inbusiness slowly eroded over the next decade. The site was torn down in Built inthe Macon Mall has been serving residents of Macon, Georgia, for over 40 years. JCPenney closed inadding to the closures of Sears and Belk in The Charlestowne Mall in St.

Charles, Illinois, actually has two of its anchors — Von Maur and Classic Cinemas — still open for business, but the interior closed in December There are plans to redevelop the property for a combination of residential, retail and commercial use.

The Metcalf South Shopping Center held its grand opening inbut it has since fallen into disrepair. When the Blue Ridge Mall first opened in it was an open-air shopping center, but it transitioned to an enclosed space in the s.

However, fleeing retailers led to a long decline, and the mall was torn down to make way for Blue Ridge Crossing in The ,square-foot Nanuet Mall had some stores in operation as recently asbut it fell on hard times not long after that when the Palisades Center opened in nearby West Nyack and drew away business.Thanks for making this. I've seen the LPSC many times and was most recently there back in December as a result of me realizing that Sears was the only place in this half of the country that actually carried apparel based on the animated television series Mixels.

It's sad to see what the LPSC has had become. You should check out the Southgate Shopping Center, which is about five miles south and has had a similar history.

dead and dying retail

Great job Nick! Amazing photos. Some of your best work. Im not sure I can top this one! I have heard of the Sears Tower, but I've never seen a Sears water tower before.

I would not be surprised if Sears sold water towers in their old catalogs. Anyway, thanks for the detailed overview of this shopping center. I'm glad to see more coverage of Sears locations on this blog too. It's certainly encouraging that the Sears parking lot was full when you took the pictures. The Sears Auto Center looks quiet though. Is it still open? I know you said that this was a strong performing Sears back in the day, but is it still a strong performer today?

I believe the Sears is still a decent performing store. I don't know any sales figures or anything like that about the store though. The fact that Sears fought off Walmart from opening at the shopping center seems to speak volumes in my opinion. Why would Sears go through all the legal trouble if the store was not highly profitable or was going to close in the coming years?

I am pretty sure the auto center is still open; the entry door likely does not open until a car pulls up to it. The auto center is still open.

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